Acting Blind
(2006) 52 minutes
Directed by Martin Duckworth.
This documentary film follows the transformation of a group of blind adults and children who act.
(1994) 52 minutes
This documentary film follows four Mexican migrant workers during their summer in Quebec.

(1998) 78 minutes
Asylum tells the emotional stories of refugees who seek entry into Canada.

Balfour Mount: Reflections on Living and Dying
(2008) 26 minutes
A series of three videos that illuminate Canada’s father of palliative medicine, Dr. Balfour Mount.

Bittersweet Deliveries
(1998) 58 minutes
Santropol Roulant is an unusual meals-on-wheels program. Located in downtown Montreal, the program is staffed by unemployed young people.
Bonjour! Shalom!
(1991) 52 minutes
Bonjour! Shalom! explores the relationship between Hassidic Jews and their primarily francophone neighbours in Montreal’s Outremont district.
Chez Schwartz
(2006) 83 minutes
Chez Schwartz takes us inside a year in the life of Schwartz’s Deli, the unique 75-year-old landmark.
Cricket & Parc-Ex: A Love Story
(2016) 47 minutes
Cricket & Parc-Ex: A Love Story takes us inside the world of cricket and the daily life of Parc Extension – one of Canada’s poorest yet most vibrant immigrant neighbourhoods.
(1999) 51 minutes
A documentary about Montreal’s Royal Victoria Hospital’s Palliative Care Unit, capturing the poignant interactions.
Giota’s Journey
(2011) 47 minutes
An intimate portrait of Giota Boussios, a 48-year-old Montreal woman born with cerebral palsy.
In Danku, the Soup Is Sweeter
(1991) 30 minutes
Portrays a Canadian development project that allows women in Northern Ghana to get access to credit to start a business.
In Pursuit of Peace
(2015) 86 minutes
In Pursuit of Peace is a riveting feature documentary film that makes the case for unarmed civilian peacemaking and mediation as a response to violent international conflict.
Living with Kidney Failure
(2008) 45 minutes
In Canada, the number of patients with End State Renal Disease (ESRD) has increased from 5,549 in 1981 to 30,924 in 2004.
The Man Who Learned to Fall
(2004) 77 minutes
A documentary film about a gifted writer and teacher who celebrates the wonder of life even as he is slowly dying of ALS.
More than Half the Sky
(2010) 21 minutes
This film documents a Canadian-initiated project that introduced social work services in Sichuan province in China to reduce gender inequality by addressing the specific needs of rural women.
My Dear Clara
(2001) 44 minutes
A passionate World War II love story about one woman’s nine-year struggle to bring her husband to Canada.
Nothing Sacred
(2003) 52 minutes
Serge Chapleau and Aislin from La Presse and the Montreal Gazette respectively, are profiled during the 2003 Quebec provincial election and the war in Iraq. 
On Wings of Song – Music Therapy at the End of Life
(1999) 43 minutes
This is an intimate portrayal of the work of Deborah Salmon, a music therapist who inspires patients.
Radio Novelas
(1994) 58 minutes
Follows an exchange between Natives in northern Quebec and Quechua Natives in Bolivia.
The “Socalled” Movie
(2010) 87 minutes
Socalled is Montréal’s resident Yiddish rapper, musician, magician, and all-around fascinating guy.
Taxi sans Détour
(1988) 51 minutes
Portrays the experiences of Haitian-born taxi drivers in their first years working in Montreal.
Twice Upon a Garden
(2009) 52 minutes
This film captures the lush beauty through the changing seasons of Quebec’s most visited garden.
Vive le Québec… Anglé!
(2002) 51 minutes
Vive le Québec… Anglé! is an original take on Anglo-Quebec culture in Quebec. It is part of the Télé-Québec series.
Water for Tonoumassé
(1987) 28 minutes
A Canadian development project encourages women to play a leading role in bringing clean water to a village in Togo.
Whole Person Care & the Need for a Paradigm Shift in Health Care
(2012) 58 minutes
Closing Plenary Lecture of McGill University’s 2012 International Congress on Palliative Care by Dr. Balfour Mount.

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